Welcome Friends!

Hello there folks! My name is Kelly. This here is my blog and website to share my hand lettering life and my shop “Before Noon Paperie”. I believe that words are important and powerful. I am definitely not a writer, but I can make powerful words look pretty and that is what I’m here to share. I believe that words can change your life, your outlook, and your thoughts if you surround yourself with the right ones. I find inspiration in words to pursue adventures and to live the life that I want. Let me introduce myself and this life.

I am a 28 year old bicycle riding, mountain climbing, coffee spilling (constantly!) Buffalo girl transplanted to the beautiful state of Colorado. Adventures in the great outdoors are what I live for. Although, a good Netflix binge now and then is good for the soul. I love rainy days. I don’t quite understand emojis. I have an addiction to travel and a wonderful husband who encourages it. Besides all that, I teach special education and hand letter just about everything!

In the past year or two, I decided to stop telling myself “I can’t”. I began to learn what new and exciting things I was capable of if I just let myself try. I can travel around the world, I can backpack four mountain passes, I can climb two 14,000 ft. mountains in one day (and drag my sister along ;-P), I can create hand lettered art. Before Noon Paperie is a chance to share this this feeling of empowerment and adventure with the world. What things are you capable of? What words inspire you to do them?

“Before Noon” is an ode to my love for adventure, the wild, and the outdoors. If you’re going to climb the high peaks in Colorado, it’s important to be off the top by noon (as to not, you know, get struck by lightning). So that’s it, that’s when my favorite adventures happen… Before Noon. And this new endeavor, my shop, is just that… my newest adventure. I am here to create hand lettered art to bring inspiration and adventure into your everyday life.

Please enjoy my work and enjoy your time here on this beautiful earth! Happy adventures!


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  • Hey Kelly,

    I was the pickle vendor next to at hurricane Horseshoe. I bought two pieces from you and just wanted to reach out to let you know how much I appreciate them. My wife was so thrilled with the wooden one, she has already picked a spot in our living room for it. My Grandma cried tears of happiness when she received the paper “Bushel and Peck”.
    Your beautiful craft made for a very special first Mothers day For me and my wife. Your stuff is really wonderful, and I just wanted to say thanks! Keep up the good work, and I hope to bump into you at another show down the road.

    • Hey there! I just found your comment here. I’m so glad your wife and mother loved their gifts, thanks for sharing… I love to hear these stories. I’m sure we’ll see you sometime in the future!