The Best Thing In Life

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other” … and a beer – Audrey Hepburn (I added that last part)

I first heard this quote in college. I think a friend of mine used it as the title for a Facebook photo album of an impromptu “photo shoot” we did at Hoyt Lake… this was pre-selfies. Anyways, this quote keeps coming back to me at random times in my life. I can only guess it is to help me appreciate the people I have who surround me with love, support, friendship, humor, greatness, etc.

This past weekend, I felt like I needed to re-letter (that’s a word, right?) this quote after feeling particularly mushy about the people in my life, particularly, our Colorado friends. What can I say? We’re lucky to have some very close friends in Colorado who are with us through thick and thin. Case in point: a cycling adventure gone bad last weekend.

We are training for the Triple Bypass Bike Ride Ride. Four of us went out on a ride last weekend. We planned 26 miles because it was almost 70 degrees outside. The temperature dropped about 30 degrees in an hour, with ridiculous winds, and we were still 13 miles out from the car and carrying our bikes through snud (that’s snow mud). So what would any true Coloradan do? Kick it in high gear to the nearest brewery… obviously. In Colorado, this is never more than about half a mile away. In our case, Oskar Blues was actually in sight. I mean, there are worse places to be stranded. By the time we got there, we were FROZEN and could see the snow storm rolling in over the mountains. Still 13 miles away from our car and thawing out, we called a good friend who dropped everything to save our butts. What a guy. He drove my husband back to the car (which was way out of his way) while the rest of us enjoyed a beer.

That whole experience made me feel so mushy and warm inside that we have people out here that would help us like that. Also, that we have friends that let us drag them on long bike rides/hikes/excursions despite many, uh, misadventures. We’ve got lots of those people near and far… and we’re grateful. Re-lettering the quote above reminds me that we’ve got each other to hold onto… and isn’t that the best?

Now, because it’s Friday afternoon and school just let out and my brain is fried, I’m going to end this blog post like the 4th graders who I’ve been teaching to write conclusions all week…so here goes:

And that’s why “the best thing to hold onto in life is each other” (*teacher shakes head*).

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