Big things happen one LETTER at a time – My lettering process

Hi there friends! I know it’s been a while. Teaching full time and running a business is no joke. But I’m here and I’m still lettering and I’m excited for the school year to wrap up so I can spend some time on little ‘ol blog of mine.

I figured I’d come back with a quick post about my process. I’ve had a lot of people ask how I got into hand lettering recently, and the only answer I feel like I can give is “I just started doing it, then doing it more and more.” Here is a little “behind the scenes” of how I go about creating a hand lettered design. Please excuse the cell phone quality of the photos 😉

I start with pencil and sketch out what I want to write… a lot of times… until I’m happy with it. Here I just used a regular mechanical pencil in a sketchbook, nothing fancy!

pencil outline

Then I use a marker to make what I call “skeleton letters”. Just tracing over my pencil lines. I like to use Faber Castell Pens (I mostly use the Small and the Fine pens).
skeleton outline

Then I draw a second stroke along the”downstrokes” in each letter to thicken the downstrokes. Sometimes I do this in pencil first and sometimes I just jump right in with marker. Finally, I color in the thickened downstrokes. You can see each part of this in the picture below. When I’m finished, I wait a few minutes and then erase any of the pencil marks that are shown. I just use a regular eraser.

thickening and filling in

My biggest tip? Take it slow… Big things happen one LETTER at a time. Here is my process in a video (which is sped up, I don’t really write this quickly). Enjoy some Aziz Ansari in the background 😉

Please let me know what you think or ask me any more questions that you might have!




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