Logos + Design Work

Do you need a digital design or logo hand lettered? I’m happy to work with you to create a logo or a design to be reproduced by your small business. This is a great option if you are a small shop that needs a design for t-shirts, water bottles, cards, etc. Check out my options below and send me an email at Beforenoonpaperie@gmail.com or contact me here.

Custom Hand Lettered Card Design for your business:

Design and Usage Fees: $50 (may be reused only on cards not to be re-sold)

*I can have these printed for you at an additional cost or I can send you the digital design to have printed on your own.

Hand Lettered Digital Design (limited reproduction and not exclusive):

Design and Usage Fees: $50 (up to 500 uses, may be re-used by me)

Design and Usage Fees: $75 (up to 1000 uses, may be re-used by me)

*Uses include reproduction on your product for re-sale (t-shirts, cups, cards, etc.)

Hand Lettered Digital Design or Logo (unlimited reproduction and exclusive rights)

Design and Usage Fees: $150

Due South Logo

Water Bottle Design

Before Noon Logo